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Inside the Mind of Your Customer

Hi there! I am a customer searching for life insurance protection. May I share with you what I am looking for from an insurance agent, and why you may or may not win my business?

First of all, always remember that everybody is having a tough time. From our first “hello”, I want you to exude upbeat, confident cheer laced with warmth, hope, and humor.

You should know that I’ve made several inquiries into life insurance before speaking with you. Your lead card was not the first inquiry. The responses from different companies, including yours, have inundated me with a tsunami of information. I may feel flooded with confusing paperwork, a bit overwhelmed, and even a bit frustrated when you call about my inquiry into your benefits. As a defense mechanism, I may not own up to it when you first call unless I like you, because you sound different from all the other insurance companies I have dealt with … in a good way.

(Psst … chit-chat with me first about the weather, sports, a current news item , the economy, jobs, school starting up, a recent parade on TV, dog tricks, etc.—anything to take the edge off of my skepticism). If you sound the same as “everyone else” I’ve spoken to on the phone lately about life insurance  …yawn … why should I make time for you? Bottom line: If you do not initially sound interesting and caring, you won’t get your “foot in my door.”

When pivoting to “business at hand,” tell me how you enjoy staying busy all day long in a people-helping profession and protect families within a state-licensed department. Or, tell me how you are able to share immediate cash benefits with my family that are now available in my area, if I qualify. Tell me that you enjoy your job, but you are extremely busy, and that you will help my family every way that you can. Let me know there is no charge for your service, because I am talking to a “Top Professional” at your department, as the decision maker who refuses or accepts applications. If you don’t sound important to me, I’ll go back to watching Family Feud.

Get interested in my family. While warming me up, carefully note certain family situations that connect to your benefits (i.e. motorcycle riding, farming, heavy equipment operation, slips and falls relating to your Accidental Death Benefit). When I share my motivation for seeking coverage because someone dear to me died with a terminal illness, or was in a nursing home, connect those fears to your  benefits and riders. Make it personal! (Agent to Customer: “Did you know, Ms. Customer, that we have a FREE Benefit that will pay you, if you ever have to enter into a nursing care facility? Remind me to share that with you later, okay?) This empowers me to trust that I have found the right protection for me today. “Dangle the carrot” of no-cost benefits in front of me, if available, as they relate to my family, my concerns, and my life. This will intrigue me enough to “see if I can qualify”.

As you cover pre-qualifying health questions with a senior citizen, note any “Yes” answers and ask me if I think most life insurance companies would accept me as a client. Why? I need to realize how fortunate I am to receive your coverage. In my mind, I can get this type of coverage anywhere. Last time I was quoted life insurance was in my 20s or 30s, back when I was raisin’ young-uns. I could get $100,000 of coverage for a $15 monthly premium back then. I don’t even want to think about how much “water has gone under the bridge” since then.

You need to remind me that two things determine my coverage and premium cost: 1) Age, and 2) Health. Remind me of my “Yes” answer(s), and ask me if I think that any ole’ regular insurance agent in my area would want to qualify me for life-long protection today, given my age, and poor health conditions. I need you to draw a line of distinction between you and other insurance agents out there, so that qualifying for one of your plans seem “special”.

Don’t forget to refer to yourself as my “contact representative for life,” while explaining which plan I exactly qualify for. Remind me that you will later share a FREE Gift (Memorial Guide or RX card) that will be included in my Welcome Packet once I have chosen a plan. Broaden my future vision by letting me know that if I ever want more coverage later, or need to make any change later on, I can pick up the phone and call you directly— that I can get ahold of the “Man at the Top,” who can get-r-done quicker than anyone else. Keep “stirring up the pot” of my curiosity throughout your sales presentation, so that the benefits keep sounding better and better.

Then, it’s time for me to decide. But, I would much rather put off the decision until “tomorrow” by nature of habit. I’ve been delaying this decision for years, because no one wants to think about, or deal with, the prospect of their own death.

If you are a smart agent, you’ll utilize the respect you’ve earned from me and simply answer, “No mam/sir. While you do not have to spend any money today, I prefer that we decide if this is right for you, while I have approval for your plan. Out of the three options I have shown you, which plan appeals to you the most?”

 This is the kind of gentle nudge I’ve needed for years. I may balk, whine, or seem “miffed” by raising objections, concerns, or questions meant to divert your focus, because I do not want to face the truth about myself. Every agent I have spoken to before you has enabled me to keep procrastinating … Stay strong at the close! Don’t let me off the hook so easy! Keep asking for a decision either way—that day!

Remain calm, yet firm, as you would handle a child who does not want to brush their own teeth and is oblivious to future tooth decay. More often than not, I will purchase coverage from an agent who wants my business the most. I really want this decision behind me, so I may rest assured that my end-of-life responsibilities are cared for. Will you give up on me after one timid request for my decision? Will you give up on me if I ask too many questions? Will you give up on me if I test your patience?

I am looking to do business with a sales rep who is for real. Close this sale with me, and you’ll have one grateful customer for life. Thank you for alleviating my coverage concerns.

I am your buying customer. Call me now!

About Dr. Troy Clark

Dr. Troy Clark
Executive-level Consultant, Author, Master Sales Trainer. Dr. Clark’s field-tested methods released salespersons who were living on food stamps to earning weekly four-figure paychecks within 10 weeks. Mentoring executives, business owners, individual agents, and managers, across all business sectors of America, his superior sales scripts are accessed by thousands of sales professionals, as well as nationwide agencies and corporations, at

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