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Google Wants to Sell You Auto Insurance


By Rolfe Winkler, January 8, 2015 Google is plotting a move into auto insurance in the U.S., including a comparison-shopping site from which users would also be able to buy policies, an industry analyst says. Forrester Research FORR +0.14% analyst Ellen Carney wrote in a blog post Wednesday that an entity called Google Compare Auto Insurance Services is licensed to …

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The breakdown: 7 types of insurance you should know about

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By Jeff Wuorio, January 6, 2015 Some types of insurance are must-haves, not just to cover the expenses of unforeseen circumstances but also to comply with the law. Most states require motorists to have liability coverage, and Americans have been alerted the past two years via the Affordable Care Act to obtain health care insurance or face consequences. But other …

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Umbrella insurance: Protection for that nest egg


By Anna Helhoski, December 27, 2014 A retirement nest egg may make you feel like you’ve locked down your financial future, but don’t get too comfortable. Getting hit with a liability lawsuit in your retirement years could turn your life upside down. While your insurance may cover some damages or legal fees, an umbrella insurance plan goes further. It protects …

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An Uncertain Future For The U.S. Terrorism Insurance Program


By Ilya Marritz, July 3, 2014 If terrorists were to attack a U.S. city again, who would pay for catastrophic damage? In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York, Congress provided the answer: the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act. While most ordinary people will never have need of it, Douglas Durst, one of New York’s real estate …

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Canine costs: Which dogs will make your insurance rates rise


By KFOR-TV & K. Querry, 5/19/2014 Americans are known to love their dogs but a new survey shows your playful pooch may make it harder for you to get insurance. According to Bankrate, if you own a certain breed of dog, you may have a hard time getting homeowner’s insurance. Officials say some breeds are more likely to bite and …

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Only one small car passes tough crash test


By Chris Woodyard, January 22, 2014 The smallest cars on the road carry the biggest injury risk in a common and deadly type of crash, a report released Wednesday reveals. Only one of 11 small city and minicars passed the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s small front overlap crash test in which a car hits a barrier with the front …

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Top regulator claims insurance rates falling in Florida


By Gray Rohrer, 01/15/2014 Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty says property insurance rates are decreasing in Florida. “Our analysis of the top 30 voluntary homeowner insurers in Florida shows that rates are going down, Florida homeowners are benefitting from lower reinsurance costs and the market as a whole is more robust and competitive,” McCarty stated in a report released Wednesday. McCarty’s …

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Life and A&H Agents: How to Add P&C Products without Being Licensed

There are several truisms when it comes to marketing insurance products to individuals. For example, it is very unusual for an insurance agent to offer products outside of his or her specialty. Life and A&H (Accident and Health) agents usually won’t offer P&C (Property and Casualty) products and P&C agents feel the same way about marketing life products. Agents stick …

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Mortgage Protection Plans: An Excellent Way to Keep Families in Their Homes

How do you think most people would answer the following question: “If you were to unexpectedly die, become seriously ill or get disabled, would you and/or your family suffer financially?” Since most almost always answer, “Yes,” think about this next question: “Would that bother you? Especially if it meant that you and/or your family could no longer afford to stay …

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