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Simply Sell!

Here are a couple simple tips to become more productive and successful at the most important thing a salesperson is required to do: Selling!

If you’re not investing your time in selling as much as you possibly can each day, then you may not be making the most of your opportunities. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Well, sometimes we can get caught up in doing other tasks that can deter our sales. Sometimes we’re too “busy” NOT selling.

That has to change.

The first thing you should do each day is attack the tasks that will generate sales right away. Whether you work telephonically or face-to-face, call your clients or meet with them and close sales. Or market to potential new customers. This is sowing and reaping.

The next thing to do is repeat the first step until you’re making enough progress to reach your daily, weekly, quarterly, and/or annual goals. You do have goals, don’t you? Planning your schedule ahead of time and consistently sticking to it will be crucial to your success. Here’s a formula for you to use:

Instead of first things first, think “worst and fast!”

1) Worst things first!

By “worst,” I mean that you should tackle the hardest task first, or the one you’re usually most reluctant to do. This is often gaining a sale because picking up the phone can often be like an episode of Fear Factor. Action overcomes fear so get that out of the way even if it takes all morning and into the afternoon. Just get it done. Make the first dial, and the rest of the calls get easier. Depending on the average sales cycle in your industry, you may not be able to make a sale every day, so monitor the progress you’re making towards achieving your goals accordingly.

2) Fast things last!

It’s easy to respond to emails, do paperwork and call clients back, so save that until after you’ve planted seeds for and/or harvested new sales. Then, and only then, should you work on those other things that may not bring money into the house right away.

You have to create the balance of gaining new sales while positioning yourself for future sales. Today’s sales pay the bills while sales in the future create future comfort.

Plan. Act. Close and Create.

* Plan your tasks and schedule them using the formula of “worst” to “fast”

* Act on it every day

* Close sales

* Create more opportunities

Even if there are days that you only accomplish nothing but sowing and reaping, you will be prosperous.

About Rob Liano

Rob Liano
Rob Liano is a Best Selling Author, Certified Life Coach and Sales Strategist. A visionary trailblazer and thought leader, Rob is a greatly respected entrepreneur who’s consistently sought out for his groundbreaking innovation. Rob took center stage as the Rock Star Sales Strategist by changing the face of insurance sales. He transformed traditional sales training, which became the catalyst for agents and agencies to reach top producer status. In 2011, Rob launched Rock Star Success Coaching, a coaching division featuring a motivational blog aimed at those who want to grow in all aspects of their lives. He shares his life experiences as well as his twist on traditional success principles while speaking live. In addition, Rob Liano is a professional drummer who’s been on tour, TV and radio and has shared the stage with world famous rock stars and comedians. His focus on personal development and professional achievement is meant to inspire others to live like a Rock Star!

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