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MetLife Wins Landmark Court Decision

On March 29, a U.S. District Court judge ruled in favor of MetLife Inc. in its bid to reject the “Too Big to Fail” label. The official designation of “Systemically Important Financial Institution” or SIFI, first applied to MetLife in December 2014, has put the company at a competitive disadvantage through much tougher rules on capital and on the use …

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Tips to Wow Your Prospects and Boost Next Month’s Income

Let’s face it – the plethora of digital developments and subsequent demands of our already-stretched comfort zones can exhaust even the most hardy and tech-savvy agent or financial advisor. Sometimes, however, there’s a certain “magic” in simplicity. In this article, we bust open the hornet’s nest of complex choices and neatly pick out the very best hot uses of technology- …

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4 Marketing Platforms That Will Be Relevant in 2016

There’s no question that the financial services industry has changed over the last few years and will continue to change in the years to come. We are in the age of robo-advisors, financial social media, digital optimization, fin-tech, and increased regulation. This is all set against the backdrop of market volatility, shifting demographics, and a larger sense of uncertainty among …

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The Hazards of Indifferent Client Service


I fired my insurance agent recently.  This agent did nothing inherently bad and his office clerk was always friendly if I called.  He just never did anything other than write my insurance policies and send me annual premium notices.  He never called to thank me for my business, opting instead for a form letter only at renewal time.  And, this …

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5 of the Best Practices for Client Appreciation Events


  A good client appreciation event will have two main things: a meaningful activity and an opportunity for interaction. Client appreciation events are a great way to reward your clients and reinforce your relationship with them. However, advisors and agents often struggle with how to properly run an effective (and fun) event. Many will offer a dinner, maybe a wine …

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Truly Evaluate Your Business Year


Evaluating Your Year Goes Beyond Production At the end of the calendar year, many advisors find themselves thinking about how well they did during the year and what they can do better in the next. However, advisors and agents often evaluate their year from one single metric: production. It’s the only thing that matters, right? While production can be an …

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Don’t Halt Business Growth Because of the Holiday Season

Business may seem to slow this holiday season, but now is the time to finish the year strong.

Well, here we are in the last two months of the year. For some financial advisors, this is a time to wind down and set up for the next year. Some may have a mad dash to close as much business as they can through the month of November and ease off in December. However, there are several strategies that …

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Self-Marketing: The Salesperson’s Other Job


Even highly experienced and successful salespeople can have a blind spot. They can be so intent on what they want to accomplish that it’s easy to ignore how others view them. And it isn’t always complimentary. “Oh, don’t take Sally seriously. Just remember that she’s in sales.” In fact, salespeople find themselves on the bottom rung of the public’s trust …

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5 Musts for a Successful Financial Web Site


It’s an amazing feeling when someone contacts your business through the company Web site and is completely sold during the telephone follow-up. Unfortunately, countless professionals end up losing business because their Web site is poorly designed and does not utilize an efficient process for generating and capturing leads. I have made a living selling life insurance through my own Web …

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Connecting the Dots


My teenage children went on their first scavenger hunt in December.  As they foraged around town collecting various trinkets, they were trying to make sense of all the cryptic messages within each new instruction before the other competing teams.   When all the trinkets were collected, they were finally able to piece together the final clue that led them to the …

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