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Obamacare enrollment enters final week


By Ellen Jean Hirst, February 6, 2015 Sunday marks the start of the final week of Obamacare open enrollment, Year 2. Nationwide, about 9.9 million people have signed up for health insurance through federal or state exchanges since open enrollment began Nov. 15, handily beating the federal goal of 9.1 million. Illinois claimed 296,293 of those enrollees through Jan. 30. …

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Anthem, Major Health Insurer, Suffers Hack Attack


By Pete Williams, February 4, 2015 The FBI is investigating a potentially massive computer hacking attack on Anthem, Inc., one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies, a federal official told NBC News late Wednesday. The company confirmed the attack. “Cyber attackers executed a very sophisticated attack to gain unauthorized access to one of Anthem’s IT systems and have obtained …

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Obamacare: One Year Review


Well, it’s been a year since the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, was officially launched.  It’s been a trying year at best—but not all bad.  In fact, there are a few bright spots. A little over a year ago, I wrote an article entitled “The Unraveling of the Affordable Care Act.”  Unfortunately, the unraveling of this historic legislation is continuing, …

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Insurance Companies Become Obamacare’s Biggest Defenders


By Peter Fricke, November 18, 2014 Critics charge Obamacare’s individual mandate is boosting the profits of insurance companies, securing their loyalty to Democratic politicians. Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin argued Tuesday that “the individual mandate is the greatest single act of corporate welfare in memory,” creating new customers for the insurance companies by fiat and subsidizing that coverage with tax …

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Health Insurance Premiums to Fluctuate Under Obamacare


By Kimberly Leonard, November 11, 2014 Worried consumers have cited that they think their health care premium costs are on the rise, but recent analyses show the price of insurance is going to vary widely – primarily depending on where people live, but also depending on medical providers, the number of insurance companies and how many people ultimately choose to …

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Providing Health Insurance Still a Struggle for Small Business


By Reed Abelson, November 4, 2014 Brian Adams, who sells fireplaces in Indianapolis, is like many of the nation’s small-business owners. As the cost of providing health benefits has climbed, he has struggled to afford coverage for his employees — a problem the new health care law was designed, in part, to address. But a year after the law’s introduction …

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Obamacare site expects record-breaking traffic


By David Morgan, October 9, 2014 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Obama administration officials said an improved website should be able to break its own record for online traffic next month, when consumers begin using the site to enroll in private health insurance for 2015. Andrew Slavitt, a top U.S. official working to implement the law known as Obamacare, said the …

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Aegis Health Group CEO: Dramatic changes ahead for health insurance industry


By Diana Manos, August 20, 2014 Hold on to your seats and gear up for the most dramatic changes the health insurance industry has faced yet, says Aegis Health Group CEO Phil Suiter, in an interview with The Tennessean.  Suiter spoke with Tennessean reporter Shelley DuBois about the growing power of healthcare consumers and why insurance companies will look “radically …

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