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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Health Care Reform and ACA

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if we eat right, exercise and take care of ourselves. Sometimes, life happens, and it’s important to know that you didn’t do all that work of staying healthy for nothing. As the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, and the individual mandate makes health insurance a concern for the even the most off-the-grid nature freak, there are still millions who buy insurance on their own, are underinsured or who don’t have health coverage at all. And, even though the exchanges are in their third month of operation, confusion and ignorance about the law’s most basic components still reigns supreme. It’s vital that this large chunk of the population be educated about their options in this time of massive healthcare reform whether it’s by a navigator, advisor, insurance agent, or … website. And, perhaps more importantly, it’s important that the education is administered accessibly and conversationally—free from jargon and technical industry-speak. That said, here are some of the key elements to know and pass on:

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