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Tips to Wow Your Prospects and Boost Next Month’s Income

Let’s face it – the plethora of digital developments and subsequent demands of our already-stretched comfort zones can exhaust even the most hardy and tech-savvy agent or financial advisor. Sometimes, however, there’s a certain “magic” in simplicity. In this article, we bust open the hornet’s nest of complex choices and neatly pick out the very best hot uses of technology- …

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4 Marketing Platforms That Will Be Relevant in 2016

There’s no question that the financial services industry has changed over the last few years and will continue to change in the years to come. We are in the age of robo-advisors, financial social media, digital optimization, fin-tech, and increased regulation. This is all set against the backdrop of market volatility, shifting demographics, and a larger sense of uncertainty among …

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5 Musts for a Successful Financial Web Site


It’s an amazing feeling when someone contacts your business through the company Web site and is completely sold during the telephone follow-up. Unfortunately, countless professionals end up losing business because their Web site is poorly designed and does not utilize an efficient process for generating and capturing leads. I have made a living selling life insurance through my own Web …

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Social Selling in the Insurance Industry: My Takeaways from LIMRA/LOMA Social Media ’14 Conference


By Michael Idinopulos, August 27, 2014 It’s the dawn of a new day for social in the insurance industry. I spent last week at LIMRA/LOMA’s Social Media conference in Boston. I always like LIMRA events. As an industry association, LIMRA convenes a high-powered group of insurance executives. It has traditionally been a refreshingly open and non-commercial environment, where industry leaders …

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US Insurance Group First to Offer Commercial Bitcoin Coverage


By Sabina Laska, June 8, 2014 A major US insurance company, the Great American Financial Group, has become the first in the sector to offer Bitcoin coverage to commercial and governmental clients. The company said Monday that its fidelity and crime division is already offering coverage in some US states and pending approval in others, as part of a drive …

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Another Perspective on Healthcare Reform


I am not an agent. I don’t work for an insurance carrier, and I’m not affiliated with a brokerage or wholesaler of any kind. However, I do consider myself to be a valuable component of the insurance industry as a whole. When our family business came to Texas in 2001, it was to provide technology and operations workflow beginning with …

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Don’t Phone It In: The Subtle Art of Prospecting by Telephone


These days, so much of our everyday exchanges happen online. Sure, it’s convenient, but not always the most appropriate venue for an insurance sale to take place. I happen to work with Medicare Supplements, and I find that phone calls are vastly underrated in terms of a way to close those sales. Initiating applications by phone actually makes great sense …

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Standardize, Systematize, Automate


A while back, I wrote about becoming a 21st century producer. In that post, I explained how clients are thinking differently now due to technology. They want goods and services faster and more conveniently. As insurance professionals, we have to build an online presence in a now consumer-driven world. We have to change our sales pitches to a more casual, …

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The 21st Century Producer


The industry is changing whether you like it or not. Everything is done online nowadays. Consumers want their products right now. And they want them at their fingertips. Speed and convenience is the name of the game. Today, producers must change with the industry. If you don’t, you’ll go extinct. I’ve heard from hundreds of producers wondering how they can …

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How to Build Your Business with Technology


We’re talking technology again—Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, and social media. In general, technology is simply too important to pass up. Many producers feel that, unless they’re going to be instantly successful, the time and effort associated with bulking up on technology isn’t worth it. They want the quick “secret” to success, but there is no secret. Just use common sense. …

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