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Tips to Wow Your Prospects and Boost Next Month’s Income

Let’s face it – the plethora of digital developments and subsequent demands of our already-stretched comfort zones can exhaust even the most hardy and tech-savvy agent or financial advisor. Sometimes, however, there’s a certain “magic” in simplicity. In this article, we bust open the hornet’s nest of complex choices and neatly pick out the very best hot uses of technology- …

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Anthem, Major Health Insurer, Suffers Hack Attack


By Pete Williams, February 4, 2015 The FBI is investigating a potentially massive computer hacking attack on Anthem, Inc., one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies, a federal official told NBC News late Wednesday. The company confirmed the attack. “Cyber attackers executed a very sophisticated attack to gain unauthorized access to one of Anthem’s IT systems and have obtained …

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Insurance industry consolidating


By Frank Goad, September 11, 2014 For the past decade – the last three years in particular – increasing numbers of insurance companies and agencies have been part of merger and acquisition deals. In a classic “big fish eats little fish” consolidation scenario, smaller independent agencies and companies are being gobbled up; larger ones are merging with other firms, and …

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Meet The Small Business Hoping To Shake Up America’s Insurance Industry


By David Prosser, September 9, 2014 Could a new small business finally give millions of U.S. consumers access to price comparison services that operate across the insurance industry – something consumers in other countries have been taking for granted for years? PolicyGenius, the firm in question, certainly hopes so. Let us rewind a little. To consumers outside of Britain, the …

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‘Insurance industry doesn’t measure up’ to others


By Kathryn Mayer, September 4, 2014 What does practically every other industry have that the insurance industry doesn’t? A connection with its consumers. That’s one reason Americans are, well, just not into insurance, argued Maria Ferrante-Schepis, managing principal, insurance and financial services at Maddock Douglas and co-author of the book “Flirting with the Uninterested: Innovation in a Sold Not Bought …

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The Insurance Industry Is Risky. Federal Regulation May Be the Answer


By Peter Coy, July 31, 2014 Insurance in the U.S. is a big deal that’s regulated like a small deal. Insurance premiums paid each year equal about 7 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, and companies such as American International Group (AIG) and Prudential Financial (PRU) rank among the biggest financial institutions in the country. Yet oversight of them …

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How to Get on a Not-For-Profit Board


There are many advisors that volunteer, give back to their community, and use their skills and talents to become board members for not-for-profits, foundations or endowments. They bring their strong financial background to the table and usually take on the role of treasurer or part of the finance committee for the charity. Their intention is to contribute in a meaningful …

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How Advisors Demonstrate Trust in the Workplace


Trust can mean different things to different people. Trust is also a function of both character and competence. To demonstrate trust, we need to see it in action. For some advisors, establishing and extending trust can be accomplished quite quickly. If there is trust between an advisor and a client, you’ll see more effective communication and collaboration, and of course, …

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