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The breakdown: 7 types of insurance you should know about

By Jeff Wuorio, January 6, 2015

Some types of insurance are must-haves, not just to cover the expenses of unforeseen circumstances but also to comply with the law. Most states require motorists to have liability coverage, and Americans have been alerted the past two years via the Affordable Care Act to obtain health care insurance or face consequences.

But other types of insurance are more subject to debate, at least in terms of their necessity. It takes a savvy insurance consumer to pore over the pros and cons of purchasing various types of coverage ranging from car rental and flight insurance to life insurance for the children and family pet.

The decision is often a personal one — what may be pointless to one person may seem irreplaceable to another. Every type of insurance deserves careful thought before buying. Below are seven types of insurance along with observations from experts who offer insights into questions consumers should have answers to before inking a check for any kind of coverage.

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