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Botox Marketing

Botox Marketing

Botox is not a permanent solution to aging and wrinkles. It is a superficial fix and after a few months the same old wrinkles reappear. Sometimes, people tend to take for a similar short-sighted approach to their marketing efforts. Many businesses are looking for a quick fix to bring on new business fast. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with a quick fix! But if you go that route, you end up doing the “fix” over and over again, instead of getting to the root of the issue and developing a long-term, strategic solution.

We look at one main indicator to determine the health of the business, and ultimately it is quite simple. The indicator: Are you getting as many qualified referrals as you believe you deserve?

Referrals Don’t Lie

When you evaluate your ability to generate referrals, you are looking directly at the core of your business–and the strength of your business relationships. These relationships can tell us much about that business’s long-term prospects for longevity and success. Marketing tactics may generate new business, but typically, the most powerful strategy for new business in a service‐based firm is one that most don’t even consider a marketing tactic. Generating referrals is much more than a tactic: It is a marketing strategy—and it gives us a clear look deep into the heart of the business.

A Combined Approach May Be Best

If a business is lacking referrals, the first reaction may be to look outside of the client base to attract new clients by advertising, sending out direct mail, conducting workshops, etc. The best plan of action may be to use some quick fix strategies to shore things up in the short-term, while at the same time looking more in depth at the business and beginning to implement your long-term strategy for referral generation.

Improve Referral Generation In Tandem With Other Aspects of Your Business

Of course, your referral generation strategy must function along with your other business systems. Evaluate and improve your service, the communication, client interactions, your Web presence, your presentation of your benefits, and ultimately the ability to generate referrals. All these things operate together to help you make the most of referrals. Because after all, once you get a referral, you must be in a solid position to act on it, impress the new prospect, and close the business.

Marketing Botox alone will rarely get a business where they want to go in the long term. The best it can do is keep you busy–busy thinking of new quick fixes to your business challenges!


About Maribeth Kuzmeski

Maribeth Kuzmeski
Maribeth Kuzmeski is the president of Red Zone Marketing, a business development consulting firm that specializes in helping financial services professionals reach more clients and boost their bottom lines. You can reach Maribeth at her Chicago offices by calling 847.367.4066, or via her Web site,

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