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The Importance of Commitment and How to Be Committed

When you order an egg and bacon breakfast, you get a blend of both chicken and pig. However, the chicken’s involvement is limited to the egg while the pig is completely committed. There is no better definition of commitment for an entrepreneur. When it comes to commitment, there are no gray areas. Either you are committed or you are not. As an entrepreneur, you have to give it everything. Any person quick to throw in the towel when faced with a tough situation cannot be a successful entrepreneur.

Since you have brought your business to a level where it is no longer battling for survival, it shows that you are committed to the task. Yet, staying committed to your business goals becomes difficult once a certain level of success sets in. The true mark of a committed entrepreneur comes to the forefront when their business is thriving and they still manage to drive it forward. Here are six characteristics that show an entrepreneur is committed to being the very best they can be:

1. Leadership

Showing leadership in tough times is one of the most obvious signs of a committed entrepreneur. There are entrepreneurs who are too happy to point towards someone else when there is a tough situation. True leaders are the ones who accept responsibility even when the business plans are not going as they envisioned. As an entrepreneur, you have to pull the business out of the tough spot and get it back on track.

2. Ambition

Rather than being introverted and behind the scenes, committed entrepreneurs project a confident outlook. Their confidence is a sign of ambition, which again, is a necessary trait for commitment. If an entrepreneur is not ambitious, they would have no keenness whatsoever to work hard towards success. Of all the traits, ambition is one of the most important ones. They are often willing to accept failure as a learning curve and continue moving forwards towards achieving their goals.

3. Motivation

The committed entrepreneurs need little motivation to do what they are required to do. This is why it is said that people who require regular positive feedback from others are less likely to succeed at entrepreneurship. People who don’t have enough cause for self-motivation will be happier to work for a paycheck at another entrepreneur’s place of business rather than run one themselves. Self-motivation is extremely important for carrying out future plans. Otherwise, you are better off elsewhere. 

4. Social Life

The most successful entrepreneurs are often criticized for undermining their personal and social life at the beginning of their careers. So, if you are facing the same situation, it is a sign of commitment rather than something you should be wary of. However, some people find it hard to let go off their social circle. If you are not able to sacrifice your social priorities for the sake of your business, you probably aren’t going to be a committed entrepreneur. There is no way you can juggle business and social priorities perfectly, especially in the beginning or when you experience tough or challenging times.

5. Flexibility

A committed entrepreneur does not believe in rigidity. Rather, they will do any work and take up any responsibility as per the need of the hour. Moreover, the committed entrepreneurs can work flexible hours as well, instead of a strict 9 to 5 routine. Some people don’t have it in them to be flexible enough to fulfill the requirements of the job. If that is the case, you should find a job rather than running your own business.

6. Vacation

Vacation remains a contentious issue for entrepreneurs. In the first few years of a business, it becomes nearly impossible for the entrepreneur to take a very long break. Though it is by no means a healthy habit to have, you might have to put off your first ‘vacation’ until after a few years. Since you have laid the groundwork already, it is a matter of finding the motivation to carry on working instead of thinking of taking a break. Remember, it is a sign of commitment, not greed. You need time to rejuvenate so you can continue to stay focused and enthusiastic. You can get more done if you are fresh and rested.

Final Word

There are no doubts as to the importance of commitment for you as an entrepreneur. Being committed to your goals and to the success of your business is the key for taking it to the next level. The characteristics and traits listed here reflect that you are committed to your tasks and doing what you can for the success of your business.

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Anne Bachrach
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