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MetLife Wins Landmark Court Decision

On March 29, a U.S. District Court judge ruled in favor of MetLife Inc. in its bid to reject the “Too Big to Fail” label. The official designation of “Systemically Important Financial Institution” or SIFI, first applied to MetLife in December 2014, has put the company at a competitive disadvantage through much tougher rules on capital and on the use …

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Financial Advisor Spotlight: Andrew Goetz

Andrew Goetz and has been a successful financial planner for over 7 years. He currently works with Ameriprise Financial and specializes in Retirement Income, Wealth Preservation, and Estate Planning Strategies. We spoke with Goetz to see what tips and tricks his experience of breaking into the business has provided him. Q: Why did you initially decide to get into the …

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Tips to Wow Your Prospects and Boost Next Month’s Income

Let’s face it – the plethora of digital developments and subsequent demands of our already-stretched comfort zones can exhaust even the most hardy and tech-savvy agent or financial advisor. Sometimes, however, there’s a certain “magic” in simplicity. In this article, we bust open the hornet’s nest of complex choices and neatly pick out the very best hot uses of technology- …

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The Healthcare Industry: Thriving on Disconnect Part II


In Part One, we looked at the overall dysfunction of the healthcare industry and the reasons for it. Here, we’ll continue to follow the money and look at the first two disconnects. Condition of the Existing Healthcare Industry At one time, individuals paid for treatment directly to the provider. Later, health insurance was offered as a means of spreading the …

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What the Bleep is Operation Green Turtle?


Several years ago, when I was managing an insurance office, I was interviewing a prospective sales rep who I felt had great potential as an agent. Throughout the interviewing process, she was articulate, impeccably dressed, and demonstrated excellent people skills. I was convinced that I had found a real superstar. Shortly after she was hired, my new agent invited me …

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PPACA: What Now? And What About Ancillaries?


Now that the initial dust has settled on the first round of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) enrollment, and the “who won and lost” discussions have gotten their requisite belaboring by the punditry, the real answers (and additional questions begged by those answers) may lie in the more complicated details: How many have enrolled? The Obama administration …

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Green Eggs and Successful Sales


Four Words: Massive Rejection Equals Success. A top producer is the person who hears the most ‘No’s. To realize profitable weekly sales results, every customer ‘no’ should push you and get you closer to a sale. “Some people fold after making one timid request,” says Jack Canfield, “They quit too soon. In sales there are usually four or five ‘No’s …

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7 Rookie Agent Mistakes (You Should Avoid Making)


For over a decade, I have been in the insurance business. I’ve worked as an agent, consultant, and sales trainer. And I have seen an enormously-high failure rate when newly licensed agents come on board. Why is there such a high failure rate for new agents, and others that are new to the business? Well, we all make mistakes, so …

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When is it Time to Ask for Help?


In my opinion, asking for help is the most taboo topic in our industry these days.  If our egos weren’t so huge, maybe I wouldn’t have felt the need to share my thoughts on the subject. But anyway, everyone should sit tight and prepare to be knocked down a peg or two—myself included. We all talk big. Sometimes, we hold …

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Break Down: The Affordable Care Act


The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has so many different moving parts and miniscule pieces that it could be financially devastating for an individual (or a business) that misunderstands. That said, it may be better to break ACA down into sections and ensure that you’re looking at this complex legislation in the right context for you. This article …

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