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James Beattey

James Beattey
Jay Beattey is President of Fortune Financial Group (Indianapolis, IN), developers of Fortune Builder University, and online, subscription-based sales and marketing system designed to help independent producers excel at the positioning and sale of Indexed Universal Life Insurance. He is a speaker, trainer, and author, having recently released the book; Rigged, Unlearning Mainstream Financial Propaganda and Building Your Personal Fortune. Follow his blog at to learn more.

Adapt or Perish: How the Insurance Industry Is Blowing the Best Opportunity it’s Had in a Generation


In 1974, the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA) became law and ushered in the tax-qualified savings plan (also known as the IRA, 401(k), Keogh, and others). Almost overnight, Wall Street advisors lost their biggest and best clients—pension fund managers and workers were cast into the unknown world of managing their own investment accounts. Wall Street shifted its model …

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