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5 Unique Ways to Engage Prospects with Video

5 Unique Ways to Engage Prospects with Video

Fact: Websites featuring video are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search than websites that don’t, according to a recent study by Forrestal Research. So if you haven’t begun integrating video into your online presence, you are quickly getting crowded out by competitors that have already embraced video messaging. Even if you are integrating video into your marketing approach, you can always do so more effectively. Are you using or considering using video to connect with prospects, clients, referrals, and potential alliances?

Here are 5 simple and effective ways to use video and show off your firm’s personality:

1. Do a quick video tour of your office. Let people who haven’t been to your office see it from the exterior to interior. In less than 2 to 3 minutes, someone can see your office, meet the staff, and feel a little more comfortable with your surroundings before they visit your office. Post your video tour on your Facebook Fan Page, Google+  or Website.  A virtual tour is a perfect solution if you are moving into a new office space or have prospects that may be nervous about coming in to see you the first time. Oprah, Deadliest Catch, Chelsea Handler, Martha Stewart, and even Howard Stern all have behind- the-scenes videos. Why not you?

2. Record a short walk-on video introduction of your company (30 seconds or less) for your Website home page. (See an example of a 10-second walk-on video at Red Zone Marketing). A walk-on intro is a warm and personal way to welcome and greet your site visitors and create a memorable impression  in their minds.

3. Interview someone in your industry. A well-selected and prepared interview can provide tremendous value for your customers and for your interviewee alike. Use prepared questions and answers. For instance, interview another professional that also calls on your target market like an estate planning attorney or economist. Become the media yourself – why wait for them to put you on TV?  Put it up yourself!

4. Add a short video to your LinkedIn company page describing a product or service you offer. What a differentiator from everyone else!

5. Use video (and a service like to invite people via video to your next event or seminar. Skip the bulk mail! Video provides a more immediate connection and gives viewers an inside look into your firm, insight, knowledge and personality. Don’t keep your best side a secret!

About Maribeth Kuzmeski

Maribeth Kuzmeski
Maribeth Kuzmeski is the president of Red Zone Marketing, a business development consulting firm that specializes in helping financial services professionals reach more clients and boost their bottom lines. You can reach Maribeth at her Chicago offices by calling 847.367.4066, or via her Web site,

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