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Final Expense

End-of-Life Planning: The Missing Piece to the Financial Puzzle


Most financial professionals specialize in financial, retirement, insurance, and estate planning. In doing so, they usually utilize a holistic planning process designed to review and optimize all areas of a client’s financial needs. However, studies reveal that most “successful” financial professionals choose to specialize in a particular niche.  In other words, they focus the majority of their time, energy, and …

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Is your life insurance worthless?


By A.J. Smith, November 15, 2014 Everyone will tell you about the importance of having life insurance, but life insurance is only valuable when you understand it. Knowing why you need life insurance and comparing policies to find the right one for you is only the beginning. It is just as important to read the fine print, find the exclusions …

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Sharon Epperson’s guide to 4 key groups who need life insurance


By Sharon Epperson, November 13, 2014 Today there are more single mothers, female breadwinners and stay-at-home dads than there were even a decade ago. Many couples are buying homes later — and having to make mortgage payments into their 50s and 60s. Many parents are having children later. So moms and dads may be facing surging college tuition bills at …

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Why Insurance Industry Is Crucial for Americans: Dennis Glass


By James L. Green, September 30, 2014 Speaking at IRI conference, Lincoln Financial Distributors’ CEO says the retirement readiness gap provides a big opportunity for the industry Kicking off the Insured Retirement Institute’s second annual conference on Monday, Dennis Glass, CEO of Lincoln National Corp., made the case for life insurance and annuities in general. He said the industry now …

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You Are the Product


“Understand that you need to sell YOU in order to advance your career, gain more respect, and increase your success, influence and income.” -Jay Abraham (American business executive, conference speaker, and author) In sales, it’s not how well you sell your product. It’s how you sell YOU. Product knowledge is not the main part of a sale, though it is …

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90% of Our Job is Avoiding Large Losses


Picture this. Your best clients are John and Jane Smith. One day, you are sitting in your office, and the phone rings. You pick up the phone and it’s Jane Smith, who says, “I have some terrible news. John died last night. He was in a terrible car accident.” After you express your sincere sympathies to Jane and her family, …

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100 Reasons Final Expense is a NICHE Opportunity You CANNOT Afford to Overlook


After experiencing the death of a dear loved one, and the terrible challenges that followed, my life has been forever changed. However, my loss has become an inspiration to help others, particularly through encouraging other financial professionals to adopt End-of-Life planning as a standard and routine part of what we do.   The more I strive to educate families and …

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Funeral Trusts: An Excellent Opportunity to Help Families Plan and Pay for Their Funerals While They are Alive


After suffering through the grief and loss of my mother’s passing on Thanksgiving Day of 2008, it became increasingly apparent to me that End-of-Life Planning is a vital piece of any financial puzzle.  It has also become a passion and inspiration of mine to help educate every financial professional regarding the win-win opportunity of helping our clients and their families …

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Why Choose a Pre-Need Plan?


More and more people are now realizing that the best financial advice is to have a sound financial and estate plan that takes care of your funeral services, funeral costs and funeral expenses ahead of time. Pre-Need Planning is one of the most common ways to accomplish this type of planning. A Pre-Need Plan gives your clients the ability to …

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Everything You Need to Know About End of Life Planning


Nobody likes talking about the fact that, some day, they will die. However, not only is death a guaranteed outcome, but it often occurs at an unexpected time much sooner than anyone anticipates. So, given the fact that death is inevitable, financial advisors simply cannot overlook an overall financial or retirement plan. When my family suffered the loss of a …

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