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5 Life Insurance Game-Changers and Cautions for 2015


As the New Year approaches, you should be aware of several significant changes in store for the life insurance industry.  Many of the changes are great for both agents and their customers, though there are some pitfalls to avoid. Technology has played a big part in many of the new trends, and the industry has been adapting and moving quicker …

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Is your life insurance worthless?


By A.J. Smith, November 15, 2014 Everyone will tell you about the importance of having life insurance, but life insurance is only valuable when you understand it. Knowing why you need life insurance and comparing policies to find the right one for you is only the beginning. It is just as important to read the fine print, find the exclusions …

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Sharon Epperson’s guide to 4 key groups who need life insurance


By Sharon Epperson, November 13, 2014 Today there are more single mothers, female breadwinners and stay-at-home dads than there were even a decade ago. Many couples are buying homes later — and having to make mortgage payments into their 50s and 60s. Many parents are having children later. So moms and dads may be facing surging college tuition bills at …

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The $500,000 Life Insurance Gap


By Ashlea Ebeling, June 11, 2014 Most families say they want enough life insurance to cover 14 years of lost income should the breadwinner die, but they have enough to cover only three years, according to a Life Insurance Gap survey put out by New York Life. That stark difference between perception and reality puts families at great financial risk, …

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90% of Our Job is Avoiding Large Losses


Picture this. Your best clients are John and Jane Smith. One day, you are sitting in your office, and the phone rings. You pick up the phone and it’s Jane Smith, who says, “I have some terrible news. John died last night. He was in a terrible car accident.” After you express your sincere sympathies to Jane and her family, …

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Selling Life Insurance Is an Art and a Science

Selling Life Insurance is an Art and a Science

Below, there are five important lessons I would like to share with regards to selling life insurance: 1. Successful sales are a combination of art and science. 2. People buy what they want, but they must be “sold” what they need. 3. Education is the best strategy to help people buy what they need. 4. People don’t want to know …

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Term versus Whole Life: Why Rent If You Can Afford to Own?


For decades, I have studied and learned a wide variety of ways to explain the differences between term and whole life insurance. Regardless of how you choose to review the key differences with your client, their decision almost always boils down to cost. Is it affordable and will it fit into their budget? When you remove the real estate downturn …

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