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Variable Annuities

The Top 3 Sources of Guaranteed Retirement Income


In December 2009, the Hartford Life Insurance Company conducted a study titled, The Hartford Investments and Retirement Survey. The goal of the survey was to come up with a better understanding of the retirement needs, concerns, and perceptions of consumers in the U.S., particularly the Baby Boomer demographic. The results? “Retirement and/or financial planning is viewed as too complex or …

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Why Insurance Industry Is Crucial for Americans: Dennis Glass


By James L. Green, September 30, 2014 Speaking at IRI conference, Lincoln Financial Distributors’ CEO says the retirement readiness gap provides a big opportunity for the industry Kicking off the Insured Retirement Institute’s second annual conference on Monday, Dennis Glass, CEO of Lincoln National Corp., made the case for life insurance and annuities in general. He said the industry now …

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Searching for a New Career Opportunity?


Have you ever noticed that when a series of events collide, the result is often both a crisis and the emergence of new opportunities? That appears to be what’s happening today.  The tough economy we’ve experienced over the past several years has led to record-high levels of unemployment across most of the nation, and the situation is improving at a …

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10 Reasons Annuities Make Sense for a Portion of a Retirement Plan


With life expectancies greater than ever, retirement could very likely be the longest phase of our clients’ lives. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative for retirees to have a plan in place that: Provides the ability to spend and enjoy their money in retirement Protects them from “living too long” and outliving their income Since retirement income planning is an extremely …

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Annuities Are Not for Everyone!


If you have been selling annuities for more than 10 years, you may be sitting on a goldmine. I would bet the farm the majority of the seniors that own those annuities do not even take the interest on the gains, as we all know annuities were designed for income! In fact the majority of clients knew way back on …

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62 Is the New 65: Selling Annuities


With unemployment hovering around 9 percent, and underemployment well over 20 percent, millions of Americans have been forced into hunting for new sources of income. The recession is particularly difficult for older workers, who find it more difficult to find work where employers favor younger hires with the potential of longer tenures with the company.   The result: The emergence …

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