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Maintaining Growth with Multimedia

Agent Link recently delivered a well-received workshop to a diverse collection of insurance brokerages, which gave us a chance to boil our conception of modern marketing goals down to its very essence. There is much debate and confusion over the definition and purpose of marketing, but regardless of whether your marketing goal is branding, agent recruitment or just plain growing your business, there are a couple vital common threads to keep in mind.

Across the spectrum of industries, all successful marketing campaigns have two purposes: To create want and sell a product or service.

How does a company fulfill these purposes in today’s media-saturated environment? As we’ve said many times before, it gets done by consistently dispersing quality content across lucrative multimedia channels … including social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn of course.

That means honing your unique value proposition or unique selling point in addition to implementing email ads, various avenues of print media, and most importantly, different kinds of video.

Few people have the time to absorb the barrage of marketing messages thrown at them during a business day, let alone respond to them. Video, however, is a different story. Marketing with video demands attention and allows you to stand out from your competition.

In fact, Internet video traffic is soon expected to account for nearly 70 percent of all consumer internet traffic, and by 2017, video content in one form or another will account for 80 to 90 percent of global consumer traffic.

As we’ve discussed in the past, this only underlines the needs for aligning yourself with the right team. Hard-working and professional copywriters, graphic designers, and videographers make your ideal aspirations a reality.

When embarking on a new multimedia marketing campaign, your creative team should always be united in purpose in order to ensure the marketing message is consistent in all media. This can be accomplished by having your marketing team ask themselves deceptively simple questions like:

  • What is our company’s overall goal?
  • Who is our target audience, and what geographical areas are we trying to target?
  • What is our marketing budget?
  • What is our company image, and what do we want it to be ideally?
  • Are we ahead of the modern marketing curve with innovative use of multimedia?

These questions will help you accomplish the end purpose of marketing—creating want and selling your product or service—and the use of multimedia channels will ensure that your message is heard.

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