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Attaining Our Goals: Every Day is an Audition

If you asked me what my future job would be five years ago, I would have said car salesman or prison guard. At the time, I was working as an outside sales force for a website design firm, and doing well, but not as well as I would have liked.  Then, one day I walked into a State Farm Agent’s office and made a sale. I guess I must have made an impact. At the next Chamber of Commerce mixer, State Farm Agent Lisa McKeown approached me and changed my life.

And so began a five year journey of learning and service. Today, after having worked for two agents (Lisa McKeown and Daryn Farmer), I am now in the Agency Academy and on my way to joining the ranks of over 17,000 nationwide State Farm Agents. To say the least, I am blessed and thankful. State Farm has done so much for my family, myself and for our customers.

When I started working at the Daryn Farmer Agency, I expressed my desire and drive to become an agent. I had a few years of experience already, and a proven track record of sales, so I felt like I was comfortable. Then, Farmer gave me the most impactful advice I have ever received from anyone. He said “Come to work every day as if it’s an audition, whether you’re a team member or an agent. Make every day count!” 

I guess I was at a point in my life where his statement really hit home, and I strove to follow it from that day forward. The beauty of what Daryn shared was that every day really is an audition. Whether we’re in front of loyal 20-year clients or people who haven’t yet made the choice to step into the State Farm family, every day is an audition. We strive to always do the best we can for our team and our clients. I know that if I do that … success will follow.

I am just starting my State Farm Agency Academy, so my real battle has just begun. Every day, I realize how little I really knew as a team member and what it actually takes to run an office. I look at my first business proposal and laugh, but honestly, I am still filled with a fire to perform and a desire to be the best.  I wake up knowing that every day is an audition for the rest of my life.

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