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5 Local Marketing Lessons I Learned From The Insurance Industry

By Wesley Young, September 19, 2014

The path to purchase differs from product to product, but there’s much all local businesses can learn from the “last mile” of the insurance-buying process.

Every purchase is a unique journey. A consumer starts with a need, desire, impulse or inspiration; he or she takes actions that lead toward the satisfaction of that feeling; and finally, he or she moves forward with a purchase.

While this path always has a beginning and an end, it is rarely linear. Instead, consumers navigate various forms of media both online and offline that all circle around and lead to the purchase.

A major factor in determining a consumer’s path to purchase is the type of product or service being bought. Each type of purchase comes with its own set of considerations, priorities, standards and products under consideration. We recently set out to understand the marketing challenges for one specific sector: insurance companies.

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