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Preset Appointments: Why You’re Not Writing Business

Preset appointments are not the silver bullet. There is no silver bullet. Stop thinking appointments are a laydown sale, especially for an annuity product. They are not. If you can grasp these facts, your odds of success in presets have just increased tenfold.

This concept is going to rattle some cages, but . . . don’t wear a suit. Suits are for bankers, lawyers and politicians. I don’t think any of you want to be in that category.

When you are in someone’s home for the first time, you have to sell yourself and be approachable. Business casual is recommended and perfectly acceptable. The idea behind the appointment is to gain trust and make a friend. If you do those two things, the sale will come.

A preset appointment is not designed for a one-call close, and it definitely is not an order-taking situation. There are plenty of times for you to wear your nice suit so try avoiding that on your next appointment.

Pay more attention to the client on the initial visit. Noticing pictures on the wall and establishing some common ground can result in immediate attention from the prospect. Don’t worry about their statements right away or try to get right into their finances. Just make a friend. After all, if they become your client, they are going to become your friend, right?

They may not have much money at all (and we all know this happens), but their sister, brother, friend or co-worker may be a great referral that you ignore or lose out on because you are treating the appointment like a doctor’s visit. Use your people skills and find clients.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Your attitude plays an important role in appointments, and it is foolish to walk into an appointment with a closed mind. If you are truly confident in your selling ability, go make a sale and do not assume failure because you don’t like the looks of the house or the person inside.

Your time is valuable and you have already paid for the appointment, so why not smile and see what you can come up with? Maintain a positive attitude and stay focused on your goal of building solid relationships.

The bottom line is a lot of agents are wasting appointments every day doing the wrong thing with the wrong approach. If your appointments are not working, figure out why because a lot of agents are writing millions with them.

Preset appointments are worth the money and can translate into monumental commissions, but you have to be realistic and well-grounded. A “better than thou” approach is completely worthless, and assuming that every appointment is perfect will just lead you to insanity. If you think outside the box and stay driven, success in sales will follow.


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