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Agent Link Releases Comprehensive Video from the 2013 NAFA IMO Summit!

Aspen, CO—Agent Link, a full-service marketing and public relations firm serving insurance marketers and insurance agents, finishes marketing video shot at the fifth annual National Association of Fixed Annuities (NAFA) IMO Summit.

Agent Link, the rapidly-growing marketing firm out of Clearwater, Florida, has spent the last six months making the rounds at the insurance industry’s annual conferences and shooting digital video to capture the overall vibe of the events as well as video interviews from attendees and key association members. The first of these video projects concerned the fifth annual NAFA IMO Summit held mid-October in Aspen, Colorado. It turned out to be an ideal conference to cover as a record number of IMO agents, advisors, carrier representatives and industry vendors showed up to network and learn about relevant industry issues like accountability legislation, compliance, risk management and social media to name a few.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Washington D.C., the National Association of Fixed Annuities (NAFA) is exclusively dedicated to promoting the awareness and understanding of fixed income and deferred annuities through the education of policymakers, journalists, consumers and other industry players about the benefits of fixed annuities. This premier IMO Summit event, held annually for IMOs and the independent channel exclusively, is meant to address universal needs and concerns within the industry.

Agent Link highlighted their strong networking presence at NAFA by conducting more than 25 candid video interviews with NAFA members and other authorities in the fixed annuity marketplace. Posing a recurring series of questions to a wide range of interviewees, the Agent Link team set out to find common denominators in the fixed annuity industry.

“I’m really excited about this video project,” said Agent Link President Senia Gramajo, “It gives NAFA and the market some great exposure and allows insurance agents and advisors a chance to explore the IMO and annuity options that are out there.”

With editing of the footage complete, the final product will soon be added to Agent eNews (—Agent Link’s online publication for insurance news, articles and multimedia. Releasing the video for Agent eNews was always the first and most immediate application, but after seeing the rough cut, NAFA wanted more. Agents, IMOs and carriers may be treated to this unique video chronicle as a kind of multimedia appetizer at future conferences to boost excitement and morale.

“I think Agent Link’s NAFA 2013 video is spectacular!” said NAFA President and CEO Kim O’Brien, “It’s comprehensive and impressive.  I’d like to know how we can leverage and utilize it for the 2014 IMO Summit. NAFA is extremely grateful for this fabulous video.”


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