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Website Tips

Website Tips

Nowadays, Americans primarily turn to the Internet for news and information. Therefore, it is critical for insurance agencies to have a captivating website, which can generate traffic and maximize sales.

Chances are, your insurance agency has a website, but a simple online presence doesn’t necessarily translate into customers. People need a reason to visit your site. When they get there, since attention spans are limited, they must feel engaged with the features for the site to have a significant impact.

So how do you turn your insurance agency’s website into a powerful marketing tool? Here are some suggestions:

Engage your visitors. The objective of your website is to inform and move prospects to become customers. So, it is important that they can easily contact you online. Give them multiple options to reach you including customer service forms, an email address, and a phone number. Be sure that this information is easily located on your website. Visitors want to feel appreciated and be able to navigate a user-friendly site. Encourage feedback, and give them a reason to contact you.

New is better. If your website is outdated or contains stale content with archaic graphics, consider updating it as soon as possible. Research indicates that consumers are more likely to do business with a company that has an attractive website. The copy on your website should clearly identify the benefits of your products. Place what you consider to be your most important products first on the page since search engines read from top to bottom and left to right. Customized design is better than a template. Though it is valuable to show up prominently on Google and Bing, craft your content for consumers and not for search engines. Remember, Internet users have a short attention span, and mundane copy will send readers scurrying for another insurance agency’s website.

Incorporate video. Engaging content and attractive design are not the only ingredients for an effective website. Video is especially important. Video is beloved by search engines, and the fact that it captures the attention of visitors is equally important. Video also allows insurance agents to personalize themselves and educate readers about products.

Go mobile. A rapidly growing number of people are getting their online information from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices over desktops. To reach this base of potential customers, create a mobile-friendly website. It is ideal to have a traditional website designed for desktops and laptops, and a mobile website created for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Blog, blog and blog some more. Simply put, a blog (short for weblog) is your own online publication and forum. This valuable marketing tool helps establish you as an expert source by providing articles with educational and relevant information. Search engines embrace websites that consistently post fresh content. A blog permits you to add content on a daily basis without modifying your website pages. WordPress and other blogging programs can be easily installed on your insurance agency’s website. Over time, if you add articles daily, or at least three to four times per week, your website will become a destination of useful information that moves readers to contact you.

Promote your social media sites. Every modern website should have icons that allow visitors to find you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media destinations where you have a presence. This increases your following and your credibility.

Optimize through SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a recognizable term for many, but it can be challenging to understand. Still, it is critical that your insurance agency’s website is rich in SEO so that it receives a high ranking on Google, Bing, and other search engines. It is 2013, so it is wise to have a SEO objective. Ask your web designers and copywriters to incorporate SEO methods throughout your site.

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