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Learn How to Make Better Choices to Be More Successful

You may have heard it said that it is the little things in life that are worth living for.  Similarly, the little things in life are what change our lives for the better or worse.  The choices we make in life define who we are and what we will eventually become.  Certainly, making some rash decisions when we are young can have very ill consequences when we grow older.  It is important that people maintain their health with a view to tomorrow, while balancing their desires for the present day.  However, this advice also applies to a person’s heart and mind.  When we take chances because of our passions or we take action because of our mind’s ambition, we have to live with the result of our actions—good and bad.

Strong emotion should always be taken into account when making choices, but it cannot totally overpower logic and reason.  There is something to be said about going with your “gut.”  Sometimes we just don’t know enough to make a totally informed decision so going with your “gut” might play a role in your choice.  If going with your “gut” never seems to get you the results you want, you may have to reconsider this strategy.  Having a fine balance of both qualities is the best way to make careful decisions in life that you can live with now and tomorrow.  That said, no one is expected to make perfect decisions all the time.  They say hindsight is always 20/20 because sometimes we see things in retrospect that we were never capable of seeing years ago.  Perhaps we have grown in our perspectives and our understandings of other people.  More importantly, we have come to know ourselves.

The truth of the matter is that a happy life is all about choices and progress.  We make choices to the best of our abilities and then progress forward.  The most successful people in life believe that they have a purpose and that they will achieve that purpose, goal by goal.

In learning more about self-improvement, we learn that we can’t change others, nor can we single-handedly change the world.  People do have the power to change their own lives and this is the single most important message in self-improvement.  You do not have to settle for what you think is life’s “role” for you.  You are not doomed to live a life you are unhappy living.  You are not enslaved to other people.  Any and all of these self-limiting beliefs are changeable.  You make your own choices. You choose to live where and how you live.  If you don’t like any part of your life, choose to change it–and start today.

You have the capacity to define success and to reach that pinnacle of success through working smart and having perseverance.  The choices you make may help or hinder your mission in life, depending on how much thought goes into the decision-making process.  However, even if you make a mistake in judgment it’s not the end of your mission.  It simply means that you have to make adjustments in your life plan to get you back on track.  Giving up should never be an option.  Your choices directly affect your life and possibly others, depending on your situation and choices.  As a financial professional, you owe it yourself and to others to make the most of what you have been given.  What you do for others has a big impact on their lives so get out there and get more clients so  you can have a positive impact on their lives.

You almost always have a choice.  Choose wisely.

“Don’t say, “If I could, I would.” Say instead, “If I can, I will.”” -Jim Rohn

About Anne Bachrach

Anne Bachrach
Anne M. Bachrach is known as The Accountability Coach™. She has 23 years of experience training and coaching. The objective is to work less, make more money, and have a more balanced life. Anne is the author of the books Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule! and Live Life with No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact Our Lives. Go to and get 3 FREE gifts including a special report on 10 Power Tips for Getting Focused, Organized, and Achieving Your Goals Now. Join the FREE Silver Inner Circle Membership today and receive 10% off on all products and services, in addition to having access to assessments and resources to help you achieve your goals so you can experience a more balanced and successful life (

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