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Harris Simkovitz

Harris Simkovitz
Harris has been in financial services for almost 20 years. After holding his series 7 & 63 for 12 years, he now specializes in Life and Disability. His method of selling produces near perfect persistency and client experience. He's a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, has taught CE classes and received the CES designation from the Institute of Business and Finance in 2008. Spending time studying economics has given him the edge to help keep his client base secure, and attending as many industry meetings as possible has kept him informed on industry regulations and product rollouts. He was first profiled in Selling Magazine back in 1996 and has since been written about in various college text books. He currently lives with his family in New Jersey where he continues to grow his Insurance practice.

Death at Your Desk


I probably wrote what I am about to share with you in my head a dozen times over the course of the last year. It’s a topic we all talk about together as agents and financial experts but rarely share in quite the way I am about to share with you now. I will forgo explaining the math because, if …

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Persistence Makes for Better Persistency!


Ours is a business full of twists and turns.  And it’s all a matter of how we handle those twists and turns that shape us.  I recently had an annuity case that put me to the test. And I wondered all through the entire process if I was man enough to complete it. Let me start from the beginning.  It …

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When is it Time to Ask for Help?


In my opinion, asking for help is the most taboo topic in our industry these days.  If our egos weren’t so huge, maybe I wouldn’t have felt the need to share my thoughts on the subject. But anyway, everyone should sit tight and prepare to be knocked down a peg or two—myself included. We all talk big. Sometimes, we hold …

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Know Your Product


So what does “knowing your product” actually mean? You probably think it means being knowledgeable about the various policies you sell. To some degree, that is correct. We all need to know details on the policies we market to our clients as well as the various riders that are associated with them … at least for compliance’s sake. However, surrender …

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The Carrier Sells Itself


In my last article, I discussed the value of shooting from the hip.  I can only imagine what some of you were thinking after reading it. You were probably thinking that it’s easier said than done. But here is something I neglected to explain, partially by design, so you would have the chance to think about it and also because …

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Shooting from the Hip


We are in one of the toughest businesses out there, right? Nothing comes easy to an insurance agent anymore, right?  We are all getting too old for the games people play, right? So, we all learn lots of catchphrases and rhetorical sayings. We all believe that if we keep mastering the English language, or whatever language you sell in, everything …

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The Simple Art of Referrals


I have read many articles on our industry, but I rarely come across ones that keep the art of referrals simple. These articles, blogs, and stories all talk about CPAs, attorneys, and all the relationships we need to maintain with these sorts of folks. But none of the articles ever talk about family and friend referrals—referrals from people that we’re …

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