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Emily Ritter

Emily Ritter
  Emily Ritter is the Marketing Manager for Zane Benefits, a technology company that helps insurance agents earn commissions by offering employers a Defined Contribution Health Plan. Using Zane’s benefits software, employers who have been priced out of group plans (or would otherwise not offer health benefits) can recruit and retain employees with high-quality health plans and costs they control. Economic conditions, healthcare reform, and the current employment crisis have left the industry ripe for a shift to this more consumer-centric approach to health benefits. 

How HRAs Compare to HSAs and Why HRAs Are Usually Better for Employers


The swell of health insurance acronyms being thrown at your clients on a given day must surely be overwhelming. HRA, PRA, HSA, ACA, TPA, FSA… it’s enough to confuse even an industry buff, let alone an employer trying to navigate the best benefits options for her business. Two of the most frequently confused health benefits options are Health Reimbursement Arrangements …

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