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Six Powerful Prospecting Tips to Build Your Business


Why is it that some sales reps consistently earn a six-figure annual income while other reps, putting in the same hours, selling the same products, and trained by the same sales manager struggle each month financially to make ends meet? The answer to this question is painfully simple: The six-figure sales reps understand the importance of business development and never …

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The Delicate Art of Approaching Friends for Business and Referrals


So how do you approach friends and others about the work you do with the goal of getting referrals? One of the major challenges is that they haven’t directly experienced the value of your work. So basically, you are not yet “referable” in their eyes. How do you become referable with them? Obviously, it would be great if they became …

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Persistence Makes for Better Persistency!


Ours is a business full of twists and turns.  And it’s all a matter of how we handle those twists and turns that shape us.  I recently had an annuity case that put me to the test. And I wondered all through the entire process if I was man enough to complete it. Let me start from the beginning.  It …

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Enhance Your Everyday Negotiating Techniques


When we hear the word “negotiating,” we often think of closing a big sale or making a big purchase, but negotiating is something that can happen every day with family, co-workers and clients. You are negotiating any time you tell someone that what you want is different from what they are trying to give you. The common goal of negotiation …

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Are You Settling for a “One-Shot Wonder” Career?


One-shot wonders in business are not unlike one-hit wonders on the Billboard charts. Basically, a person starts out with a bang, but is never able to replicate that level of success again. As Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.” Are you guilty of putting one-shot wonder effort into your insurance career? …

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