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A Foolproof Way to Hold People Accountable


If we consider a simple definition of accountability as, “the ability to account for your own actions,” it seems surprisingly straightforward.  But, accountability also involves having clearly communicated objectives, being granted authority over those objectives and having predetermined outcomes for either success or failure. Any ambiguity over outcomes, objectives, and timeframes will affect your ability to be accountable.  If someone …

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To Procrastinate or Not to Procrastinate: The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma


There comes a time when you just don’t feel like working anymore. It happens to everyone. You are certainly not an exception. Rather, it would be surprising if you haven’t felt that way about any of your past tasks or projects.. As an entrepreneur, you would have worked hard to get your business to a level where it is successful …

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How Professionals Break Through the Menacing “Middle Mile”


If you’ve been in business any length of time, chances are you’ve “bonked”—a phenomenon that happens to marathoners around mile 20 otherwise known as “hitting the wall.” Succeeding in business is much like running a marathon: The start is exciting, with the thrill of anticipation swelling as you toe the starting line. You know where you want to go, and …

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Are We Getting What We Want From Our Marketing?: A Question Every Company Should Ask


The only way for a company to find out if its marketing is performing is to doubt everything it’s doing. Instead of guessing, jumping from one initiative to another, hoping for the best, or taking advice without knowing how to evaluate it, start at the beginning by questioning your assumptions, your expectations, your personal preferences, and, particularly, your perceptions of …

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Enhance Your Everyday Negotiating Techniques


When we hear the word “negotiating,” we often think of closing a big sale or making a big purchase, but negotiating is something that can happen every day with family, co-workers and clients. You are negotiating any time you tell someone that what you want is different from what they are trying to give you. The common goal of negotiation …

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Actions Speak Louder than Words: Business Ideas That Drive the Right Results


Americans spend more than $12 billion per year on the nation’s most pervasive addiction—self-help and the seemingly insatiable desire to be more successful. Like other compulsions, we can’t get enough to satisfy our longing. Every couple of weeks, there’s a new self-help book, video or seminar. Malcolm Gladwell’s latest addition to his shelf of self-help books is totally enticing. It’s …

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Bulletproof Your Practice: Lawsuit Defense 101

Bulletproof Your Practice: Lawsuit Defense 101

Insurance agents and agencies are increasingly being targeted by trial lawyers with errors and omissions lawsuits – the financial equivalent of the malpractice claim. According to data from Demotech, Inc., 28.4 percent of sampled agencies reported having had an errors and omissions claim within the last five years – up from 22.8 percent of respondents the year before.  Use your …

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Protection from Lawsuits – Errors and Omissions Insurance Basics

Protection from Lawsuits - Errors and Omissions Insurance Basics

In the financial services sales world, the threat of a lawsuit is just part of the cost of doing business. Insurance agents and financial advisors expose themselves to the threat of a lawsuit almost every time they put pen to paper – and even the most dedicated and knowledgeable agent isn’t immune. Lawsuits typically arise out of miscommunications, which can …

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