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10 Signs You’re Not Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur


Thinking about starting your own business? Beware! Below are 10 signs that you just may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur. 10. You can’t stand the heat. Before you jump into self-employment, make sure you’re very comfortable being uncomfortable. Every day, you’ll need to try something new for the first time. You have to be ready to put …

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Go Online and Get More Clients


What are you waiting for?Go online! That’s the simplest piece of advice I can offer to any business person who wants to be successful. If you have established your business and it is trudging along nicely, the next step you can take to give it a boost is creating a website that produces the desired results. However, it is easier …

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Contributing More to Your Business through Delegation


When starting a small business, there are many actions that have to be taken by the advisor. It makes sense for the advisor to keep the reins in their own hand as the business gets off the ground. Getting any business started off and geared towards success takes a lot of effort and hard work. Once the business has been …

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Websites Are the New Business Card


Even after the social media boom of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, many of today’s producers still aren’t using any kind of social media strategies to gain leads. In the modern world, everything is done online. As I’ve said before, websites are the new business cards. At the very least, every producer should have their own website, even if they …

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If You Want to Get Ahead in Business, Never Say …


What does it take to get ahead in business today? While the experts may offer such suggestions as having cutting-edge skills and being a good team player, there are other, even more essential, measures to take. . The techniques are actually quite simple, but they have one common and fundamental characteristic that makes them so valuable: each one produces positive …

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Website Tips

Website Tips

Nowadays, Americans primarily turn to the Internet for news and information. Therefore, it is critical for insurance agencies to have a captivating website, which can generate traffic and maximize sales. Chances are, your insurance agency has a website, but a simple online presence doesn’t necessarily translate into customers. People need a reason to visit your site. When they get there, …

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Tapping the Potential of Social Media to Grow Your Business

Tapping the Potential of Social Media for Growing Your Business

Does your company have a social media presence? If not, then you are clearly missing out on one of the most effective ways to market your products and services. Every other business these days is in the hunt for leads through social media websites, which they can convert into sales. With the increasing number of social networks available today, it’s …

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Is Lack of Motivation Stopping You From Getting Things Done?

Is Lack of Motivation Stopping You from Getting Things Done

If you’re sitting at your desk with a “To Do List” a mile long, but you can’t find the motivation to tackle it, keep reading. By the end of this article, you will hopefully reclaim your motivation and enthusiasm. How is it that some days, it feels as if you have enough motivation to conquer the world, yet other days, …

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Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Why Your Agency Depends on Millennials

Ever since the beginning of time, cultures have clashed. The Romans clashed with the Celts. The Pilgrims clashed with the Indians. The Americans clashed with the British. However, clashes on a much larger scale are taking place today: The clash between the “millennials” and the “baby boomers” in the workplace is very real and is already here. This clash is …

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Facebook 101 for Dental Brokers

Why Should I Use Facebook for My Business? Many of your clients already use Facebook to interact, and you don’t want to miss out on being in on those conversations! Your Facebook Page can help you: Build credibility by letting customers give testimonials. Create customer engagement. Gain lead generation. Enjoy immediate customer contact. Participate in customer service. Build relationships. How …

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