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7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Hiring a Business Coach


Since business coaching is about you doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to setting goals and implementation, it’s important to be prepared for the experience and see if it fits your needs. With the choices of having a mentor, consultant or coach to work with, it’s important to determine what approach would work for you to overcome your …

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Using Storytelling to Build Trust with Clients


When meeting with a client or prospect, being able to tell a relatable business story can help build an unparalleled rapport and trust. It’s easy to learn to tell stories. We tell them every day and don’t even realize it. A general definition of a story is, “an account of something that happened.” They can be imaginary, traditional, or true …

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4 Benefits of Embracing Change


You don’t need anyone to tell you that the world is undergoing a lot of changes right now. From sociopolitical shifts to healthcare reform, it’s pretty obvious.  What may not be so obvious is your ability to adapt to the changes that are necessary for your business to survive and thrive in the changing market.  How do you set yourself …

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How to Get (Really) Good at Business Communications


It’s easy to roll your eyes and moan about the state of business communications. There’s everything from incomplete, inaccurate and confusing emails and memos to meeting minutes and reports that don’t make sense. Ineffective business letters, most of which are peppered with the first person singular pronoun, are fodder for the recycling bin. All this results in errors, causes confusion, …

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Fundraising Your Sales


We’ve all seen those fundraiser thermometers, haven’t we? It’s a simple and fun way to chart the progress of a charity or organization in their quest for raising the necessary funds. Everyone can visually see if they’re reaching their goal, and it encourages everyone to strive further. Do you use a visual aid of this type for your sales goals? …

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How to Make It All About Your Clients


Take your business to the next level by creating an “It’s All-About-Them” (IAAT) experience for your clients. A company that is founded on the IAAT principle will have valuable services right out of the gate. Ask any successful financial advisor, and they will tell you.  In order to get new clients and keep the existing ones coming back for more, …

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Conquer the Enemies of Your Inner Leader


As insurance professionals, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. We tend to focus on the outcomes for which we will be measured—from loss ratios to closing ratios and regulatory compliance—instead of emphasizing the activities that may lead to greater leadership, fulfillment and achievement. By its very nature, insurance is analytical. In the midst of all the “i” …

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Use the 80/20 Rule to Grow Your Business


If your business isn’t growing, you need to get a handle on the way you’re running it.  Many insurance agents tend to spend a great deal of time performing unnecessary tasks that contribute little to the growth of their business.  The 80/20 rule, otherwise known as the Pareto Principle, teaches that only 20% of your actions should lead to 80% …

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7 Sure-Fire Success Principles


Success is something everyone wants but only a few achieve. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter where you are in your career, from job seeking to having held the same position for an extended period, there are principles you can apply to ensure your success. Below are seven sure-fire success principles you can start using right …

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It Takes the Right Tactics to Improve Sales Performance


In Lee Child’s Without Fail, a Secret Service official simplifies a disturbing problem. “If the Yankees come to town saying they’re going to beat the Orioles, does that mean it’s true?” And then he adds, “Boasting about it is not the same thing as actually doing it.” It’s the same with sales. There’s often too much boasting and not enough …

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