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Ryan Pinney

Ryan Pinney
Ryan J. Pinney is a five-year MDRT member with five Top of the Table qualifications. A regular contributor to financial publications such as, Yahoo! Finance, and Fox Business News, as well as, he is a sought after expert in using technology to drive insurance business and streamline the application and underwriting processes. He leverages his experience with search engine optimization, social media, and online marketing to assist agents and agencies alike create their online presence and profit from it. Utilizing the same principals and technology his firm provides to agents, his agency sold more than 16,000 policies direct-to-consumer over the internet last year.

Standardize, Systematize, Automate


A while back, I wrote about becoming a 21st century producer. In that post, I explained how clients are thinking differently now due to technology. They want goods and services faster and more conveniently. As insurance professionals, we have to build an online presence in a now consumer-driven world. We have to change our sales pitches to a more casual, …

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The 21st Century Producer


The industry is changing whether you like it or not. Everything is done online nowadays. Consumers want their products right now. And they want them at their fingertips. Speed and convenience is the name of the game. Today, producers must change with the industry. If you don’t, you’ll go extinct. I’ve heard from hundreds of producers wondering how they can …

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How to Build Your Business with Technology


We’re talking technology again—Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, and social media. In general, technology is simply too important to pass up. Many producers feel that, unless they’re going to be instantly successful, the time and effort associated with bulking up on technology isn’t worth it. They want the quick “secret” to success, but there is no secret. Just use common sense. …

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Internet Prospecting


In my last article, I talked about the importance of creating an online presence. Specifically, the focus was on personal websites, which today have become even more important than a business card. Think about it. Potential customers utilize the internet every day whether it’s for social interaction, shouting their thoughts to the world, or researching goods and services. They come …

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Websites Are the New Business Card


Even after the social media boom of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, many of today’s producers still aren’t using any kind of social media strategies to gain leads. In the modern world, everything is done online. As I’ve said before, websites are the new business cards. At the very least, every producer should have their own website, even if they …

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